Flagfox 4.0.8

Find out where websites are located and lots more

Flagfox is a useful Firefox add-on that helps you determine where a website is located. View full description


  • Location and much more
  • Customize quick-access list
  • Create your own actions for list


  • None so far

Very good

Flagfox is a useful Firefox add-on that helps you determine where a website is located.

As well as this function, Flagfox also provides users with bunches of other interesting features, including Alexa lookups, WOT score and translation help. All are neatly contained in the menu that pops up when you right-click on the flag you'll see in the address bar.

Flagfox's configuration options are also located in this menu - you'll be able to choose where the flag appears (address or status bar), decide where the information you search for will appear (by default it's a new tab in the foreground), as well as customizing the actions that appear in the list - you'll even be able to create your own.

These actions are varied; some are related to security while others are more general - for example, you can look up a website in GeoTool, It Down or Just Me?, W3C Validator, or simply copy the information for use elsewhere. Admittedly, not everybody wants so much information on their browsing, but if you do, Flagfox is a nicely designed tool to do the job well.

Flagfox is a cute location add-on that hides a lot of extra functionality.


  • IP address location database update for August 2010
  • Some minor locale updates

Si te pica la curiosidad de saber dónde se encuentra el servidor que aloja tus páginas web favoritas, con Flagfox lo podrás saber al instante.

El programa detecta la IP de la página en cuestión y muestra una bandera del país correspondiente en la Barra de estado.

También te muestra un mapa de Google Maps del lugar aproximado, la página del país en la Wikipedia, y toda la información del dominio que visitas.

Con esta sencilla extensión podrás saciar tu curiosidad, pero también sabrás si estás visitando una página segura o no, y si la empresa a la que pertenece es de fiar.



Flagfox 4.0.8